Lego Duplo My First Cars And Trucks




Lego Duplo My First Cars And Trucks
With LEGO DUPLO My First Cars and trucks, Toddlers Will Learn to combina The wheelbases and colorful bricks to make Vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Endless opzioni For Creativity and storytelling are Packed into this Inspirational Set and there are decorated bricks and building cards to Spark New Ideas. The ampia Duplo bricks are Specially designed to be safe and suitable for little hands.Features 3 wheelbases, Crane and Assorted vehicle-themed Decorated LEGO DUPLO Bricks to combina and create
Incoraggia Building and Role Play with a driving Theme, help your Child use the Building Card for Ideas to create New Vehicles of their Own
Includes Decorated Bricks with different Windows, drivers and passengers, ha Water Refilling stazione and ha Double-sided Brick Decorated as ha Traffic Light to stimulate Role Play
Car measures over 2 (6 cm) High, 3 (9 cm) lungo and 1 (5 cm) Wide, Fire Truck measures over 5 (13 cm) High, 3 (9 cm) lungo and 1 (5 cm) Wide, dump truck measures over 3 (9 cm) High, 3 (10 cm) lungo and 2 (6 cm) Wide,

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