Pannolini Naty By Nature Babycare Taglia 1




Pannolini Naty By Nature Babycare Taglia 1 (2-5 kg), 4 confezioni da 26 [104 Pannolini]
Nature Babycare disposable nappies are made from renewable and natural materials and keep oil based plastics that traditional nappies are made from away from baby?s delicate skin. The soft cloth-like material which they are made from and the stretchy front fastening tabs along with the comfortable leg gathering enables your child to move freely while wearing the nappy. The absorbent pulp is made from sustainabley harvested Scandinavian forests and the patented centre channel means a less bulky fit while enhancing leak protection. The naturally breathable nature of the nappies, because they are based on GM-free corn, can minimise nappy rash and other irritations so that your baby is healthy and happy. Nature Babycare nappies are 100 per cent chlorine-free and fragrance-free, protecting the environment by not producing harmful dioxin pollution.The nappies and pull-on pants are over 60 per cent biodegradable in contrast to major brands which are often composed of up to 80 per cent oil-based products which do not decompose easily. Conventional nappies can take hundreds of years to decompose, but because of the high content of biodegradable material, Nature Babycare nappies break down in a fraction of that time, meaning there is less need for landfill or polluting incineration.Nature Babycare is a Swedish-based company that was founded 15 years ago by a pioneering mum who thought the world deserved a better nappy. Marlene Sandberg was appalled to learn that babies will produce half a ton of nappies every year filling landfill sites. So she sought to create a range of award-winning nappies and baby products which are effective, price competitive and environmentally friendly. The result was Nature Babycare products–good for both babies and the environment.Barriera anti fuoriuscita in pellicola a base di mais OGM free, compostabile, impermeabile e naturalmente traspirante per rendere il pannolino più areato, asciutto e confortevole
Cellulosa completamente priva di cloro (TCF) e certificata FSC
senza Profumi, Certificati Dalla Swedish Asthma And Allergy Association (Associazione Svedese per l’Asma e le Allergie)
Inchiostro per stampe privo di metalli pesanti e non dannoso per la salute
Soffice come tessuto e non ingombrante, permette al tuo bambino di muoversi liberamente

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